Lessons from Science

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I taught a lesson about the characteristics of gases, liquids and solids to a group of middle school kids last week. I tried to explain the differences of each of them. The kids enjoyed the lesson and afterwards I began to think about what this lesson taught me about life.

We have to ask ourselves are we a gas,solid, or liquid. Ask yourself, are you a gas that fills the room and controls the very atmosphere around you but is blown in different directions whenever the winds of change blow in? Are you a solid that is unchangeable on your morals and firm in your commitment to things but changes your very essence whenever the situation becomes heated? Or are you a liquid that changes the very landscape of the world — so strong that even river banks can’t contain you, but the moment you are placed in an uncomfortable container you change just to fit in?

No matter which one you decide you are, make sure you are the stronger version of you and not the weaker one. Make sure you change the atmosphere around you and not the other way around. Know what you’re made of and be proud of that.


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