I can’t believe it

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

My daughters and I spent last Saturday afternoon watching one of their favorite movies, The Incredibles. This is a movie about a family of superheroes that works together to fight against the forces of evil –doing everything that others can’t do and won’t do. They are called incredible by those around them. They use their different superpowers to defeat the villains and save the community and the world. They fit the first definition of incredible – so extraordinary that it seems impossible.

My question for you is “are you Mr. or Mrs. Incredible?” Are you trying to be superhuman? Do you find yourself always working to be everything to everybody — always saying yes to everything even when you want to say no? Do you put aside your well being for everybody else even though you know you need rest for yourself?  People tell you how incredible you are. But do you really know what they are saying? Another definition of incredible means not credible or not believable, both really insults. Of course you are a caring person, but there is nothing wrong with the word NO. In fact you become more credible when you say it to people and they understand that when you do things, you do them because you really want to and not because you feel obligated to. Stop trying to be the heroes known as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and just be the credible you, which is far better.


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