Refund Policy

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

I purchased a few props for a speech I had to give to a group of managers one Saturday. Once I got them home one of the props didn’t go
with the presentation I wanted to give like I thought it would. I placed the item back in the bag and took it back to the store to return it. I entered the store and I explained to the clerk the problem with this item and asked for a refund. The clerk asked for my receipt even though I had just checked out of his line just minutes before. I looked in the bag and it wasn’t there. I didn’t know where it was so the clerk told me that the refund policy was if you have a receipt you could receive a full refund, but without it you could only receive store credit for the item. I decided to keep the prop until I could find the receipt. I walked back to my car and just as I was about to sit down, there was my receipt in the seat. I returned to the store and was able to get my full refund.

What is your refund policy? In life we all go through a lot of things that hurt us and make us want to turn our backs on the world and all
the people in it. At times people have done us so wrong that we don’t ever want to see them again, but think about if stores dealt with customers that same way. What if they didn’t allow people to make mistakes and then allow them to correct those mistakes by returning the wrong items they purchased with their receipts? What does it take for you to forgive people and allow them to be part of your life? Do you hold grudges that last a lifetime or do you allow people to bring their receipts marked ‘I’m sorry’ and turn it in for a new chance for love and friendship?

For anyone that has done me wrong, I’m ready to accept your receipt so that my life can be filled with true friendships and love. For those
that I may have wronged in my life, I am holding my receipt, asking for your forgiveness.

What about you? Are you ready to give a refund?

  1. Nikkie P. says:

    Wow, this hit home. I’m not in receipt of holding grudges, but wrong has been done and yes I’m still affected by it today. I would love to have the opportunity to forgive completely if only an apology was given. I pray and wait. I hurt daily and don’t know how a full refund will ever be capable.

  2. Cousin Me!! says:

    I do refunds on a regular basis but it sometimes hurts when others not only forget their ‘sorry’ receipt but also expect you to not notice and carry on as if nothing happened. Those who are truly sorry will admit and apologize, those who aren’t, just keep the merchandise (your friendship and feelings) on hold until you are forced to request the refund. 🙂

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