Game Time

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For Christmas, one of the gifts that our family got was the game of Bop it. For those of you that don’t know, it is a game that gives you
simple instructions and you must follow them as fast as you can. You have to keep an open mind and be quick to respond the right way in order to be successful in this game. The key thing is to listen to the voice and concentrate on exactly what is being said and do that and only that. The instructions are Bop It, Twist it, Pull it and Shout it.

In this game called life, we were put here with instructions to help us reach our destiny. Bop all of the doubts that keep us from trying because by always trying we open up our chances for success. Twist all of the negative things that happened in our lives into learning lessons that
lead to better days. Pull greatness from inside ourselves and let the world be blessed by it. And Shout to let other know their greatness
can be reached also.The question now is will you win the game?


The Ultimate Bully

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When I was in school, from the 3rd grade until I started college, I was the victim of bullying. I was picked on every day. Sometimes I would be sick because I got tired of dealing with mistreatment day in and day out. I was called so many names because I was different from a lot of my classmates. I was a good kid but for some reason I was considered an outcast because I wasn’t a trouble maker. I spent many days after school questioning everything about myself and wondering why so many people could be so cruel to me when all I ever wanted to be was a good child to my parents, a good student in school, and a good friend to my classmates. For some reason this made me a target for anyone that needed someone to pick on. It affected me for years, even after school ended for me.

Many of us still face bullies every day. No, I’m not talking about kids ready to take our lunch money and beat us up after school. I’m talking about the ultimate bully. One that makes us question our being. One that tells us we are not worthy of a good life. One that tells us how unattractive we are when we look in the mirror. A bully that destroys future plans and shatters our dreams of success. I’m talking about a bully called Self Doubt. We have the power to turn this around. That’s right — you can beat this bully by saying yes to your future and no to any thought of failure. You control your thoughts because all bullies are full of  BULL!

One Size Fits All

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A friend of mine went shopping a few days ago. While he was at
the mall he found a pair of shoes at the Nike outlet. He tried them on but they
were a size 10 and he wears a size 11. They were too small but he loved the
look of them and the price was right as well.
He decided to buy them and take a chance on them becoming the right size
over time. He was so excited to show off his new shoes at work so he put them
on Monday morning. It was a little uncomfortable while driving but he made it
to work. As he strolled into the job everyone commented on how he was walking trying to show off his new shoes but he was really walking funny because the shoes were hurting his feet. When he got home, his shoes had worn the sides of his feet so badly that they were beginning to bleed. He told me he should have left those shoes where they were.

Can you imagine walking around with shoes that are at least
one size too small for you? What about going around with a job that doesn’t
fit? Or how about being in a house or car that you know doesn’t fit your life
style but you think you can stretch it out because of the price? Better yet,
how about being in a relationship that has been rubbing you raw and making your heart bleed from the pain? Our life isn’t made for everything just to fit.  We have to make sure that no matter what it is, it has to fit who we are and what we are really about. If we don’t, the pain from trying to make it fit will be worse than walking around with bunions.

I can’t believe it

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My daughters and I spent last Saturday afternoon watching one of their favorite movies, The Incredibles. This is a movie about a family of superheroes that works together to fight against the forces of evil –doing everything that others can’t do and won’t do. They are called incredible by those around them. They use their different superpowers to defeat the villains and save the community and the world. They fit the first definition of incredible – so extraordinary that it seems impossible.

My question for you is “are you Mr. or Mrs. Incredible?” Are you trying to be superhuman? Do you find yourself always working to be everything to everybody — always saying yes to everything even when you want to say no? Do you put aside your well being for everybody else even though you know you need rest for yourself?  People tell you how incredible you are. But do you really know what they are saying? Another definition of incredible means not credible or not believable, both really insults. Of course you are a caring person, but there is nothing wrong with the word NO. In fact you become more credible when you say it to people and they understand that when you do things, you do them because you really want to and not because you feel obligated to. Stop trying to be the heroes known as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and just be the credible you, which is far better.

Lessons from Science

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I taught a lesson about the characteristics of gases, liquids and solids to a group of middle school kids last week. I tried to explain the differences of each of them. The kids enjoyed the lesson and afterwards I began to think about what this lesson taught me about life.

We have to ask ourselves are we a gas,solid, or liquid. Ask yourself, are you a gas that fills the room and controls the very atmosphere around you but is blown in different directions whenever the winds of change blow in? Are you a solid that is unchangeable on your morals and firm in your commitment to things but changes your very essence whenever the situation becomes heated? Or are you a liquid that changes the very landscape of the world — so strong that even river banks can’t contain you, but the moment you are placed in an uncomfortable container you change just to fit in?

No matter which one you decide you are, make sure you are the stronger version of you and not the weaker one. Make sure you change the atmosphere around you and not the other way around. Know what you’re made of and be proud of that.

Braided for Success

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Being a brother to 5 sisters, a husband, and a father of 2 daughters has given me the chance to learn a lot about hair and hairstyles. The image that sticks in my mind is the time and efffort that goes into getting individual braids. So much effort to separate a smaller portion of hair from the full head of hair and then separate that smaller portion into three parts and plait them together. I must admit the twists and turns that go into making that one individual braid makes me often ask is it even worth the trouble to get this hairstyle. As the process continues, I continue to watch but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better and the time is still passing by. When the braids are complete, the style is beautiful and the braids have come together to give the person wearing them something to brag about even though it didn’t look good at first.

In life, the experiences that we have are just like the individual braids. There are twists and turns that sometimes make us want to give up. There are even times where we look back on our lives and it doesn’t seem like the struggles we have gone through have even been worth the time and effort. During these times, we need to realize that we aren’t finished creating the masterpiece that is our life. If we don’t give up, the success we achieve will be even more attractive than a beautifully braided hairdo.


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Here is today’s Remote Control message.

The Voice is a new hit show on NBC where contestants are given the chance to sing before a panel of judges. The contestants sing their hearts out hoping that one of the judges will choose to work with them, giving them a chance to become a star. The twist is the contestants are singing to the judges backs. They are only being judged by their voices.

How do you use your voice? Do you speak out when you see injustice? Do you say “no” when others are saying “yes” to things that are morally wrong? Do you speak about yourself and others in positive ways? Your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have to help you reach your future. Don’t allow your voice to be silenced by others nor by the  fear of having to speak the truth by yourself when the majority are speaking lies. You be the Voice!!